Mead's Corner Building Torn Down (Video)

It's a sad day; the Mead's Corner building is officially gone for good. I always felt that Mead's Corner was one of the businesses leading the downtown revolution in Wichita, and it's very sad how they got pushed out.

When I was in high school, I'd go to Mead's to visit my sister when she worked there. I've played a ton of shows there, in multiple bands. I've been to a lot of fantastic shows, met with friends, classmates, business associates, and drank countless amounts of coffee. I even spent most my college nights there to work on homework...after getting booted off WSU's wifi for downloading music.

So many good times, and I wish we could have more. Click the photo below to watch the video from

RIP Meads

Mead's Corner building reduced to rubble

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