Kelsea Ballerini + The Chainsmokers Are The Next Country/Pop Collab

Kelsea Ballerini and The Chainsmokers have recently exchanged cryptic messages on Twitter and left fans from both sides speculating that something was in the works. It was skulls and heart emojis that confirmed the rumors, and fans were right to think that a collaboration between country music darling and the Grammy-winning duo was indeed happening.

The track title has yet to be named, but what we do know is that this song is coming in fast and furiously. The anticipation will be over soon as the track is scheduled to be released on Tuesday, Sept. 18th.

As anticipation is high, fans have one game plan. Make it through Monday, which we assume is where the skull emojis comes into play. Tuesday is expected to be filled with all of the “hearts”. 

This is how this all went down:

Photo Credit: Getty Images.