See Emily Ratajkowski’s Massive Engagement Ring for the First Time

Emily Ratajkowski surprised everyone back in February when she married her boyfriend of a few weeks at City Hall in New York City.  Her new hubby - actor / producer Sebastian Bear-McClard - proposed to Emily with a paperclip while they were out to dinner and two days later they were married. Emily and Sebastian have been wearing simple gold bands since their wedding, which they literally made themselves out of solid gold they bought in Chinatown. 

It looks like Sebastian gave Emily a real, diamond engagement ring five months after they said "I Do." Emily did tell Jiimmy Fallon that the couple are "both interesting little humans," so, it makes sense that their doing this whole marriage thing their own way. While their wedding rings were simple gold bands, Emily's engagement ring is seriously massive, as well as extremely unique. She shared two photos of the ring (rings?) on Instagram on Tuesday, July 11. 


Instead of the traditional one diamond, Emily's ring has *TWO* giant, different shaped diamonds on her band. One is teardrop cut, while the other is princess cut. They sit next to each other on a narrow, gold band on the same finger as her wedding ring. It's truly like no other engagement ring, which seems perfect for these interesting little humans. Emily seems to agree with that assessment because she shared multiple photos of the ring on her Instagram feed, as well as her Instagram stories. Flaunt that ring, girl!


Emily better be careful where she flashes those diamonds, though, she might actually blind somebody. 


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