What if Wichita had our own Power & Light district

Well, not to get all politic-y on ya this morning, but there's a new bill that was passed by the Kansas Legislature that just needs Gov. Brownback's signature.  If he signs it, it would allow cities and counties, like Wichita and/or Sedgwick County to have certain entertainment areas where people could walk around with alcoholic drinks in their hands, like they do in the Power & Light entertainment district in Kansas City.

Imagine going to Old Town where you could walk around with a drink in Old Town Square.  Or maybe in Delano when you are bar/brewery hopping.  Or maybe even the downtown design district.  That would be pretty neat.  It's hard to imagine Wichita having a district that is as vibrant as Power & Light in KC, but you could always hope and dream!

Our friends at The Wichita Eagle have the story and you can read it by clicking on the picture below!


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