Empty Bowls Wichita 2022

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Empty Bowls Wichita

Empty Bowls Returns!

The Empty Bowls Project is an international grassroots movement to help end hunger. Ceramic artists around the world participate every year—and so does Wichita! Wichita State University’s Ceramics Guild, along with Ceramics Media, the School of Art, Design and Creative Industries (ADCI), the Ulrich Museum of Art, and many others, work under the leadership of ceramicist and educator Brenda Lichman. It is a celebration of artists, organizations, chefs, and the community, and offers lots of ways to get involved and join the fight against hunger.


September 24: Community Build-A-Bowl Workshop


It all begins with Build-a-Bowl events. Organizations as well as individuals interested in making bowls to donate are invited to ADCI’s Henrion Hall for Community Build-a-Bowl day on Saturday, September 24th from 1-3 PM. The bowls are collected, glazed and fired in preparation for the culminating event—the Empty Bowls Chili Cook-Off. Artists interested in donating bowls for the event can reach out to Brenda at blichman@usd259.net and deliver bowls by Friday, October 14th. 

October 6: Visiting Artist Talk

Eddie Dominguez: Creative By Nature at WSU Ulrich Museum from 1 PM - 3:30 PM | FREE EVENT, NO REGISTRATION REQUIRED

Artist Eddie Dominguez will discuss his body of work, which bridges the spaces within and between functional and sculptural ceramics. Born and raised in New Mexico, Dominguez’s work touches on cultural themes and the experience of place. Dominguez is an assistant professor of ceramics at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and is the guest juror for the 2022 Ceramics National Invitational on view at Rueben Saunders Gallery October 7-29. Reception to follow. This program is organized by the School of Art, Design, and Creative Industries, and Ceramic Media Department. (Images: Eddie Dominguez, (left) Calm Before the Storm, and (right) Totem 2, ceramic, courtesy of Kiechel Fine Art.)

October 7: Ceramic National Invitational

Opening Reception at Reuben Saunders Gallery from 5 PM - 9 PM

Bowls will be on view from October 7 to October 29 at Reuben Saunders Gallery. Advance Chili Cook-Off Tickets Will Be On Sale.

October 7: 10 High Schools, 10 Bowls, 10,000 Meals

Opening reception at WSU Shiftspace Gallery from 6 PM - 9 PM. On view from October 7 to October 19. Advance Chili Cook-Off Tickets Will Be On Sale.

October 22: 2022 Empty Bowls Chili Cook-Off

Woosley Hall, WSU Campus from 11 AM - 1 PM. $25 donation to the Kansas Food Bank; $10 Student donation (with ID)

On the day of the Empty Bowls Chili Cook-Off, guests are presented with hundreds of bowls made by artists and community members, and dozens of chilies, soups, and delicious desserts to try. Guests pay $25 at the door and select a ceramic bowl to keep. They take their newfound bowl, fill it with chili/soup and eat to their heart’s content.

A jury of up-and-coming chefs from several of the newest, trendiest kitchens in Wichita’s restaurant scene, along with WSU President Dr. Rick Muma, diligently sample the chilies and do the hard work of selecting winners for Best Chili, Best Vegetarian/Vegan Chili, and Best Traditional Chili.

All proceeds from ticket sales at the chili cook-off go to the Kansas Food Bank.

$25 donation per person/$10 donation per student (with ID)

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