I'm reliving my childhood with my new (well, new to me) Super Nintendo!

I had a Super Nintendo growing up that my brothers and I shared, and recently I've been missing the good ole days so I finally gave in and got this one.

I was a little skeptical that because it's so old it may not work well, however, I'm happy to announce that after buying a new power cord, and blowing on the cartridge and console a TON it works well! (Don't you love 90's technology, when all you had to do was blow some air onto something to get it to work?)

So far I only have Mortal Kombat II and Monopoly, but I've ordered some other games that will arrive next week.

There are also some speculations that Nintendo will be releasing a mini SNES classic series after discontinuing the original NES last week. You can read more about that here.

What were your favorite SNES games?