So yesterday I got a day off and had a lovely spa day. I needed some gas so I went to a local gas station in West Wichita. After I got my gas I sat there to answer texts and emails so I wouldn't text and drive. A white van pulls up to the car one over from me and I hear a CRUNCH. A woman gets out of the van and tells the person in the car (who I can't see because the gas pump was blocking my view) that they are going to jail and yelling all types of stuff. The person in the car proceeds to back up and a white van swoops in behind him/her to block them from getting out. The woman from the van is yelling "YOU'RE GOING TO JAIL!" at the person in the car, the person panics and begins hitting both cars to get out! BOOM BANG BOOM is all you hear and I'm sitting a few feet away from this in shock! I finally realize I need to get the heck up outta there and start driving off from my gas stall. As I do that the person in the car breaks free from in between the white van and white truck and is headed towards ME! I thought I was done for sure y'all I've never had no mess happen like this. The person in the car misses me by inches and speeds off into the street. I turn around and notice there are two women in the van and they hop back in the van to follow the car that just almost hit me.A few people ask me if I'm okay and I say yes. So much for a day off to relax!