By Sarah Bertolino

We all know that Jimmy Kimmel loves to trick people, and when Drake stopped by the show on Thursday he had the rapper take over “Lie Witness News” to do just that!

In disguise wearing a beard and wig, the “Take Care” singer went out onto Hollywood Boulevard to ask people what they thought of his hosting gig at the ESPYs “last night” (it actually doesn’t go down until July 16).

Drake started out by asking an unsuspecting passerby how they thought he did as a host, to which they replied, ”Uhh Drake … he’s kind of an outstandish guy. He says that he came from the bottom … which most likely he didn’t.”

The 27-year-old kept the act going by asking another person, ”What was better? Was it the Taylor Swift impersonation, or was it when he cried at the end because he was so happy.”

“I think it was when he cried at the end … it showed he’s a genuine guy,” replied the pedestrian.

Towards the end, the Canadian native started dropping hints that he was actually the rapper, and some people still did not catch on — even one of his own fans was oblivious until he started to take off the disguise.