[PODCAST] Signs You're Dating A Douche Pt 1

[PODCAST] Signs You're Dating A Douche Pt 2

Plus read all of the signs you might be dating a douchebag:

If he's older than 18 and wearing Abercrombie
If he's constantly posting his bar tabs on Instagram
If he doesn't return your texts or calls for 6 hours
If he doesn't want to ever hang with your family or friends
If he likes to start fights
If he introduces you and doesn't call you his girlfriend
If he's is not close with his mother
If he wears Ed Hardy
If he lets the girl pay for everything
If he wants to arm wrestle everyone 

If he's always using your car b/c he doesn't have his own

If he tries to sag his skinny jeans 
If he has a shirtless profile pic
If he shows up drunk for a date
If he's over 30 and still lives with his mom and dad
If he doesn't let you eat in his car
If his eyebrows look better than yours
If he always talks in the third person
If he wears a rosary and says "Yo my dude!"
If they spend more time in the mirror then you

If he only texts emoticons every few days and won't talk on phone

If he has enough hair gel your hands get wet when touching his hair

If he has more pictures of him and his "boys" than of you and him

If he wears sunglasses indoors.

If he wets the bed after a night of drinking = douche.

If your car is stuck in the snow and he won't help you get it unstuck; especially when his baby is in the backseat.

If he says yo after everything he says
If you've been together 14 years and you're still not engaged

If he irons his socks 

If he flirts with the bartender when you're on a date.

If he asks to borrow your hot iron to do his hair.... ugh been there before lol

If his jeans are tighter than yours!

If he calls you someone else's name during sex

If he is almost always shirtless or has a baseball cap on cocked to the side.

If he says "It's me or your family"

If he hides his phone from u,

If he sits in the car while you pump your own gas